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Mushroom drying technology

Mushroom drying technology

Dried mushroom processing technology:

Raw materialpruning rootremoving the foreign materialsortingtemporary storage for the same gradedryingcoolingmanually pickingultraviolet sterilizationpacking

Pruning root: remove the foreign material and non-conformity mushroom, pruning the root to 1cm;

Sorting:  sort the mushroom into three grades (big, medium and small) according to the mushroom diameter

Drying: the same grade mushroom moisture will be dried about from 90% to 12%, the mushroom is oyster white or light yellow after being dried. We use the sectional low temperature hot wind drying technology to dry the mushroom to the finish water during 14-20h;

Cooling: once the mushroom suddenly gets into the low temperature environment after being dried, it contracts in cold weather which will make the wrinkle rise;

Softening: softening will balance the internal moisture of mushroom;

Manually picking: manually remove the damaged mushroom and abnormal color mushroom;

Ultraviolet sterilization: kill the pathogens on the mushroom surface by ultraviolet radiation


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